7 Steps to Perfecting Your Kitana Mortal Kombat Cosplay


The revered princess from Mortal Kombat, Kitana, has served as a muse for cosplayers worldwide. Her complex attire and lethal fan weapons make her an irresistible character. This article will dissect every facet of the Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay.

Familiarizing with Kitana: The Persona and Her Dress

To commence your cosplay endeavor, it’s vital to comprehend Kitana’s character. Being a princess hailing from Edenia realm, Kitana’s dress is a blend of regal sophistication and fighter audacity. Her standard garb includes a leotard, boots, arm protectors, headband, mask, and her trademark steel fans.

Tailoring the Ideal Kitana Leotard

The centerpiece of Kitana’s attire is her leotard. Pick a rich blue fabric that mirrors Kitana’s dress in the game. You can stitch it independently or employ an expert tailor for an impeccable fit. Don’t forget to incorporate the silver detailing on the flanks to maintain the authenticity of her dress.

Compiling Kitana’s Boots and Arm Protectors

Kitana’s boots and arm protectors are essential elements of her outfit. Black knee-length boots with silver armor detailing on the front will be a perfect match. For arm protectors, you can utilize black leather or imitation leather material with silver highlights.

Designing Kitana’s Headband and Mask

Kitana’s headband and mask are crucial components that impart her a unique appearance. The headband should be crafted from blue fabric with silver patterns. The mask can be fashioned using blue fabric or painted plastic and should obscure the lower portion of your face.

The Iconic Steel Fans: Kitana’s Preferred Weapon

A Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay would be incomplete sans her steel fans. These can be constructed using metallic poster board or procured from a prop shop. Ensure they possess the complex details as portrayed in Mortal Kombat.

Hair and Cosmetics for Kitana Cosplay

Kitana sports long, black hair usually bundled up in a high ponytail. If you lack naturally long hair, ponder investing in a high-grade wig. Her cosmetics are minimalistic, emphasizing strong eyebrows and modest eye makeup.

Mastering Kitana’s Techniques

Finally, to genuinely personify Kitana, you must master some of her signature techniques from Mortal Kombat. This encompasses her lethal fan toss and her nimble combat stance.

Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay

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Wrap Up

Perfecting the Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay demands meticulous attention to detail. From fashioning her iconic attire to mastering her signature techniques, every facet contributes to crafting a compelling and awe-inspiring cosplay. With this exhaustive guide, you’re now prepared to embody the formidable princess from Edenia and dominate your ensuing cosplay event.

For more information about Kitana, visit the Wikipedia page.

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